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The Wool Source

An unfortunate marriage ago I lived on a 35-acre farm and realized a dream I’d had since I was in my twenties, when I lived for a year on the Navajo Reservation in a tiny settlement in the Four Corners region — to have my own Navajo-Churro sheep.

When I first met my then-husband-to-be, he had spent a great deal of money to landscape the massive front yard and finish the house. The several acres behind the house were generally neglected except for a few rows of sweet corn, which he had been selling to a local grocery store. One day as we sat on the back deck, I told him about my dream of sheep, and I was pleasantly surprised that he met this idea with a great deal of approval. “I always wanted to have sheep,” he told me, “There is a breed of expensive Irish sheep I want to ship over from Ireland. They’d make the property look more like an estate, like a picture I saw in Architectural Digest.” I talked him out of that idea (my idea of sheep was quite different than something to make the property look more “palatial”), and after a bit of research and a few phone calls I made contact with a Navajo-Churro breeder in southern Ohio, only a few hours drive away. She sent me pictures of the lambs and yearlings that would be availableĀ — I spent weeks poring over those pictures, and finally selected 2 rams and 2 ewes. I then worked with a carpenter neighbor and we built a very simple sheep shed and painted it barn red, purchased hay and feeders and electric fencing, and then made the trek to bring home my sheep. It was one of the most wonderful moments of my life, that first afternoon in late winter, seeing the four beautiful animals exploring their new home.



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