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After some 50-odd years of wandering through life, across country and back, through more than a few careers and two short-lived marriages, I’ve planted roots in Berea, Ohio, only a few miles from the house where I grew up and where my parents still live, and where I went to college (as a music composition major, of all things).  Planning my next move while extracting myself from what turned out to be a disastrous second marriage, I browsed online for a place in which to start again.  I found a picture of a little yellow house built in 1875, 100 years before my high school graduation, and I immediately fell in love.  When I researched further, I found that it is exactly next door to an 1840 house that I had been a hairs-breadth away from buying just 5 years earlier.  I had to see it.

I drove out to meet the realtor, and found I was early.  I parked the car and sat on the little iron bench on the front porch.  The street was quiet except for a few dog-walkers, and two blonde children with backpacks walking down the street to the library, their heads close together in whispered conversation. Birds flitted in and out of the odd-looking tree that filled the front yard.  I felt like the little porch had been just waiting for me to arrive.



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