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I’ve been knitting since I was in elementary school (that’s a very long time ago!).  In all those years I’ve accumulated quite a lot of knitting needles. And I think I still have all of them, including broken ones!

I started on colorful aluminum Boye straight needles, and still have them all, not all complete pairs, of course.  A couple of them are bent badly — I’ve apparently blocked out the episode where that occurred!

I went through a Bernat Aero phase in the years I lived in New Mexico.  I lived in a funky little adobe house converted to apartments right off the downtown plaza, and had no car.  Luckily it was a smallish town and I was young — my scoliosis wasn’t evident yet, and I walked everywhere I wanted Bernat Aeroto go.  There was a sweet little yarn shop on the plaza, and the owner suggested I try the lovely gray needles.  They were so different from the Boyes…. I loved the texture and how they felt in my hands.  Apparently my cats enjoyed the texture also — a few are unusable because of the added “texture” consisting of tiny cat teeth marks.



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